Executive Summary

We combine all digital tools and create a unique strategy tailored for your brand resulting in a powerful and engaging communication that attracts the desired attention for your brand.

Social Media Metrics & Task to Perform

Here's the analyzed data report for monthly basis.The Audience growth rate per channel(New business Connections/total followers per previous month).Engagment rate per channel (combining likes,comments,shares,favourites,etc.and dividing by post #per reporting peroid) Brand awareness


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Social Media Process & WorkStrategies

Graphics, animations and other multimedia channels aimed at your Target Group is termed as interactive motion. We can give your users an exciting experience through interactive pieces of motions that entertains, excites and communicates the desired messages.

Pinterest Marketing & Twitter Marketing

Social is the next big thing in digital marketing. And we make sure we connect you to your right audience by putting your brand at the forefront of the desired social landscape.

Tumblr Marketing & Youtube Marketing

#Hash-Tag Management.Post images, text content, videos, press-releases, general articles, blog post etc.. Drive traffic + Brand Awareness.
uploading videos to channel. Marketing & populating the video to other social media platforms.Gain organic likes to videos and subscribers to page

Email Marketing & Linkedin Marketing

email campaigns 2-3 emails a week Generate original content for emails work in tandem with discount promos & coupons to ensure codes are functional.
Optimization of company page, Business Contacts, Content posting


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Web Designing and Development

Content Curation,posting/scheduling (weekends and holidays included),cross-posting to all social media channels,posting giveaways, contests and sweepstakes for increasing engagment and getting registrations and newsletters sign-ups

Mobile Application

MandemIT implements the mobile apps for clients to improve their business and attract more customers to the business. Being available on internet-enabled device is required for each and every business nowadays, which has given birth to mobile application development.