Partner with MandemIT to enhance citizen services, improve operational effectiveness, and build cultures of innovation and agility while meeting the most demanding data security requirements. Proven expertise in technical consultation and related services, MandemIT has become the go-to partner for successful business transformation and IT modernization.

The government agencies are always balancing between the rapid evolution of technology, shrinking budgets, and overworked I.T. staff. GRIP I.T.’s managed I.T. services support government agencies with the technology expansion and help the internal I.T. teams to focus on mission

our team of experts ensures continuous optimization of your I.T. systems and daily operations. We have a great deal of experience working with government agencies and our certified professionals perform all the essential everyday tasks and frees up your internal team to work towards more specific solutions.

We’ll focus on providing reliable uptime, modernize, and secure your I.T. environment, so that the state’s most sensitive data, meet the compliance requirements, and operate 24/7. Our solutions help the government agencies with –

We’re the Digital partners who Strives for a Master class in all of Our Deliveries

Our broad experience in the field of Digital media enables us to provide Our customers with effective full scale service – starting with the creation , to the support of projects and promoting brands , products and services


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