Logistics and distribution

Your logistics enterprise needs to work with accuracy exactness to guarantee smooth and convenient cargo development from the purpose of the source to goal. You need continuous perceivability into limit, request, and the flexible chain to oversee cargo requests, shipment, and asset assignment.

MandemIT offers cutting edge innovation answers to explore the elements of cargo transportation. Our digital tools mechanize forms for archive handling and confirmation, arranging and planning, and request coordinating and estimating. Our biological system guarantees more brilliant armada support improves resource usage and drives maintainable tasks.

Our contributions to the coordination’s business depend on three standards

MandemIT modernizes heritage framework and ERP frameworks at coordinations ventures, including messenger and bundle express administrations, 3/4 PL specialist co-ops, railroad systems, marine transporters, terminal administrators, and multimodal specialist organizations.


Separate client assistance with versatile first entrances, chatbots, and voice interfaces.

Bits of knowledge

Addition a constant perspective on transporter limit and worldwide interest.


Influences block chain-as-an administration to screen the cargo travel and oversee multi-inhabitant exchange contracts.


Make an advanced commercial center to all the more likely oversee limits and assets.


Guarantee freight detect ability, while protecting information security.