Mobile App

MandemIT implements the mobile apps for clients to improve their business and attract more customers to the business. Being available on internet-enabled device is required for each and every business nowadays, which has given birth to mobile application development. There are a number of apps available for everything like shopping, booking the tickets, gaming, bill payment and money transfer.

If you don’t want to miss out opportunity in your business, your customers should have your app on their hands. We believe that mobile applications are no longer considered a luxury, it has become essentiality.


MandemIT enhance the usability of mobile apps. Our user expertise design team is familiar of developing a visually pleasing prototype, interfaces for your applications. We keep core graphics, touch handling, animations and gestures at the top of our methodology list while designing an advanced mobile application.


MandemIT develops ease and accessible user-friendly mobile apps. Our experts have the capabilities of managing multi-thread environment, building advanced algorithms, and providing architectural and technical leadership on developing your core application.


Expertise QA team of MandemIT is well equipped with automation and manual testing tools including XCode testing framework and follow top-notch best practices.


Our mobile maintenance model aims to monitor applications in real-time, reduce application downtime, increase availability and reduce overall time spent on keeping the apps up and running