From store operations to merchandising to customer acquisition and retention, SADA can help you build seamless retail experiences and meet growing consumer expectations with Google Cloud’s innovative solutions for retailers.

The industry’s reach has expanded, so has its dependence on advanced retail management operations and security.

For these reasons, it’s imperative for retailers to protect themselves and their customers with IT services that are unwaveringly reliable and secure. If you specialize in retail-based services, here are a few of the many ways a partnership with MandemIT can help you succeed.

Our team assists you with the structuring of a robust, end-to-end strategy, informed decisions by analyzing your capabilities and gaining insights across the I.T. landscape and business value chain.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Convert visitors into loyal customers with marketing solutions that bring your data sets together to help you better understand the customer journey and create personalized marketing experiences.

Product Management Lifecycle

Advanced analytics and machine learning solutions help improve demand forecasting capabilities so you can make more informed decisions that drive visibility and efficiency into all areas of the supply chain.

Logistics, Fulfillment, & Delivery

Real-time inventory management and analytics help improve business operations with insights into the movement of products across channels. Boost productivity easily monitors KPIs and build end-to-end visibility with improved supply chain planning.

Omnichannel Commerce

Create a seamless customer experience across channels. Build AI-driven digital shopping assistant applications, drive engagement and conversions with high-performing product recommendations, and reduce purchase friction by integrating Google Lens-type capabilities into your mobile experience.

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