Social Media House Rules

We, MandemITies, have made this social media page so aim to keep our social media channels to ensure our communities are positive, ask questions and to take feedback. To this end we reserve the right to remove posts in MandemIT of our house rules and to block any individual who violates them repeatedly at us that we believe are :

Abusive or obscene​.

Use graphic, sensitive or offensive imagery​.

Deceptive or misleading​.

In violation of any intellectual property rights​.

In violation of any law or regulation​.

Spam (persistent negative and/or abusive tweeting in which the aim is to provoke a response)​

            We retain the right to amend the present House of Rules at any time.Please report any abusive, offensive or illegal content to us at Posts, comments, visuals, videos and other material posted by fans on this page do not necessarily represent the opinions and values of our brand.

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Our social media channels are monitored from 7am – 9pm, Monday to Friday, and 9am – 1pm on Saturday. We will try to respond to your enquiries as soon as possible but please be aware it may take a little longer outside these hours.