Social media Policy

Social Media is the one which focuses on communication, interaction, content sharing the way we interact.

                MandemIT can engage experienced consulting firms to design viable social media strategies. MandemIT brings rich experience in any industry and works closely at each stage to define a roadmap to enhance social presence.

Comply with laws and regulations and more particularly with laws of governing intellectual property rights including copyrights and trademarks.

                We make sure the content of the clients, partners does not violate any non-disclosure obligations. MandemIT follows the confidentiality obligations under employment agreement.

MandemIT doesn’t allows the disclose information about colleagues or other persons and make sure there is no misuse their personal data or publish their photos without their permission to there employees

 Do not include MandemIT as part of your profile or username (e.g., @kateMandemIT) Please do not use MandemIT branding in your avatar. You are welcome to use official MandemIT-branded banners for your social media profiles